Survival Beast Knife

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Custom Handmade Hunter Knife Tactical Military Sharp Edge Solid Walnut Wood Handle with Leather Sheath

Color: Wood


  • ✅ APPLICABLE OCCASIONS: Suitable for various,hunting, camping, survival, tactical, military and outdoor situations.
  • ✅ APPLICABLE OCCASIONS: Suitable for various,hunting, camping, survival, tactical, military and outdoor situations.
  • ✅ KNIFE DIMENSIONS: Overall length: 10”; Blade length: 4.80'' inches'; Handle length: 5.20” inches; Weight of Knife: 8.2 Ounce OR 235 grams
  • ✅ D2 TOOL STEEL BLADE: Relatively high wear resistance along with good hardness and toughness made it work great as a knife steel.
  • ✅ SOLID WOOD HANDLE Walnut Wood Handle Expertly Finished for Strong and Comfortable Grasp
  • ✅ GENUINE LEATHER SHEATH with SNAP FASTENER: High-quality protective sheath with integrated belt loop for safe and secure carry with easy access

Details: ✅ MODEL NUMBER: BC-100 ✅ MODEL NAME: PREDATOR HUNTER Originally created limited edition model BC-100 PREDATOR HUNTER is a stylish and performance oriented combination, yet designed to be effective✅ APPLICABLE OCCASIONS This knife will get any job done in the field. The classic look, ergonomic handle and ease-of-use design guarantee that you will come to rely upon it. Hunting, Skinning, Tactical, Survival, Camping or EDC, Every Day Carry. This design fills the need for a sturdy, compact knife with a versatile skinning blade ✅ TANG CONSTRUCTION D2 steel blade going all the way inside the handle without any joint or weld. This awesome knife is purpose built to perform for years and years. ✅ D2 TOOL STEEL BLADE: Relatively high wear resistance along with good hardness and toughness made it work great as a knife steel.Blade was given excellent heat treatment and possess very good edge holding and retention for relentless performance. 4.75'' inches blade has fantastic hand grinds on both sides. ✅ MEASUREMENT Overall length of this Knife is 9" and the length of the blade is 4.75’’ inches. Blade thickness is 4.5mm approximately, weight of knife is 8 ounce or 231 grams. ✅ LEATHER SHEATH high-grade leather sheath with a snapping locking strap and leather belt loop is included to carry. ✅ OTHER'S ? Knife comes with Certificate of Authenticity. Worth Every penny for sure! 👍

EAN: 7431100160135

Item Condition: New

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A feast for the eyes.

This is my second Bigcat Roar knife in a week . I can't say enough of how it was package up like a tank . Came sharp enough to do damage zero burrs to strop, no dings or scratches on the handle or blade. Now to performance it did every thing I ask it to do but in most cases I never baton with a knife this small in fact I have never baton in the field in my opinion that's what hatchets are for . It shaves those feather every one is so impressed with like a feather machine. You can shave out tent stacks in a heart beat. I notched out 6 graduating pot sticks 4 notches each and finish a spoon I had started . I have only had this a short time now 4 hours with the knife in hand there is one thing it was not meant as a carving knife it can be done but needs practice if your looking for a carver this is not the knife for you unless you are experienced. I can tell you one of the most important things is there were zero hot spots with this handle it feel and works like it looks just smooth and very comfortable . the sheath it works it has all the flaws of low end sheaths .All though it is nicer than many out there and is very decorative . I has a fatal flaw the pocket is shallower than the knife is long and over time since the knife tip is hitting the bottom of the sheath every time it is used, it will cut through the bottom over time . There is also a line of stitching running across the pocket of the sheath to hold down the belt flap the stitching is just sitting there waiting to get snagged and cut buy the tip of the knife . But this will not be the end of the sheath the side stitching and glue will hold it together . Now as to the handle remaining on the knife since it is a rat tailed handle only time will tell the tang is deep goes all the way back to the last pin so says the magnet. Even with some flaws, It's a great knife now we will see how long it last . There is one more thing after spending more time yesterday this Harpoon blade shape in my opinion is good for one thing self defence not Bush Crafting it cuts it is most pointy good for making holes ,but for all around out door us there are better choices out there. But I still love it, it will get worked out this winter and next summer along with the Kukri.

Hunter Knife

Excellent product, no problems whatsoever, would purchase again if needed; simply gorgeous.

Gary H.
not very sharp

------I had to sharpen it----------please !

Jerrie A.
Very nice blade go get one today!

It’s very nice and I love the walnut handle. It’s a big handle for me but I love that it’s a D2 steel blade. D2 always has great edge retention and a lot of time you’ll just need to hone it. The sheath is beautiful as well and it looks great. I’m not afraid to do bushcraft stuff with it because D2 is great and I didn’t pay a arm and a leg for it. There was no warp during heat treatment it’s nice and straight. Well done!!

Nice product, worth more than price paid.

Nicely made. Handle is unusually large but nicely shaped. I have fairly large hands and the handle fills my hand. If your hand is smaller it's not going to fit you well. The sheath alone is nearly worth the price of the knife. It takes a very sharp edge but was not very sharp when received.