Our story

BigCat is an American company devoted to building the optimum hunting knives. Our maker’s mission is to build high-quality custom handmade knives at fair prices.

Big cats may seem a little too beastly and fierce in a world designed for domestic cats. They're pretty harmless most of the time, but a leopard taking a stroll along the sidewalk might distract the traffic.

We know you sometimes feel like a jaguar trying to fit into a village of jackrabbits, but don't let that dim your roar.

The wild ones sit in a bar surrounded by small talk and cocktails and daydream about being on an epic adventure somewhere off the grid while they sip their stout. 

Sure, it's inappropriate to roar in the city center or at dinner with the inlaws. But save your wild expressions for your adventures roughing it in nature, on the open road where your growls and grit will be welcomed, beyond the borderlines of ballets and brunches to the places where you travel barefoot and battle the elements to get deeper into your version of paradise.

The perimeters require you to be as tough as your environment. You need somewhere you can take your Damascus knife and put its epic abilities to use. We have designed steel artworks to be your right-hand tool, whether you want your BigCat knife to join you on your outdoor adventures or enjoy it as an addition to your collection that constantly reminds you of the wild cat you hold inside.

If you're a brute like the rest of us at BigCat, we know how tough it can be to be so tough in a not-so-tough world. 


Our handcrafted Damascus steel knives make tough look sexy. Did you know that no two blades are the same? The process leaves unique patterns on every knife that are incredibly visual and intriguing. But don't let their good looks fool you - Damascus knives are just as durable as they are attractive and stay sharp longer than other materials.

Our knives are produced in Pakistan in the famous city of Wazirabad, known for its knife artisans, that have been hand crafting the best knives for centuries, carrying to this day the tradition of performance and style.

Our artisans still hit red hot steel with hammers against anvils to handcraft our knives because we enjoy being tough. It's a process of folding multiple iron billets that requires a lot of patience and a heck load of work. But we love to do it, and giving the tough guys something to make them feel at home, makes it all worth it.

We've designed our knives to be a gift of unique steel artwork for the untamed adventurists of the world. It's the epitome of endurance for nature lovers who like to explore life beyond the boundaries of their comfort zone (where there is no WiFi or skinny lattes). 

Ready to rip open your next adventure? Check our knives and let the adventure begin!



Excellent, craftsmanship, great price! Y'all buy one, you will not be disappointed!

- William H.


This knife is absolutely brilliant. It has some weight to it and I know it’ll get the job done.

- John S.

Great knife

Bought this knife for a friend it is so nice that I went back to buy one for myself and...

- Peter A.

Love this knife!

Well made, attractive, and comfortable.

- Benedict C.

Great quality and craftsmanship

Higher quality knife than I was expecting for the price and shipped really fast.

- Linda A.

Tough knife

The knife fits well in the hand. Seems to be a sturdy knife.

- Carl M.

A very good knife

A few days after I ordered it I’m already in love with it!

- Jozsef P.

Cool Knife

Fits great in the hand. Has good balance. The blade is sharp and looks great with all the layering.

- James H.


Perfect. It is a work of art

- Kevin W.